Augusto Cury

Psychiatrist, teacher and most read author of the last decade.

Augusto Cury

Psychiatrist, researcher and writer.

Author of the Theory of Multifocal Intelligence, which analyzes the process of building thoughts, the functioning of the human mind and the strategies for achieving a free and healthy mind.

Based on my theory, I founded the School of Intelligence, which teaches socio-emotional education to more than 400,000 students, including children and adolescents.

In 2018, I founded AGE with the aim of democratizing, around the world, its Emotion Management Tools. In the same year, he created his First Social Program: “You are Irreplaceable”

the psychiatrist most read in the world

Over a 30-year career, I achieved national and international recognition, becoming the most read psychiatrist in the world, according to Folha de S. Paulo newspaper and Veja and IstoÉ magazines, with books translated to more than 70 countries and most read author in the last two decades in Brazil, with more than 35 million books sold. My bestseller “The Dream Salesman” became a movie and was released in theaters in 2016.

I received the best fiction of the year 2009 award from the Chinese Academy of Literature for the book The Dream Seller and, also, I became an Honorary Member of the Academy of Geniuses of the European Institute of Intelligence.

I founded the “School of Intelligence” (an educational program based on its theory with more than 400,000 students in Brazil), the largest socio-emotional program for children on the planet, which aims to explain the functioning of the human mind and the ways to exercise greater control over ours. life through intelligence and thought.

More than 40 thousand students at the Academy of Emotion Management. Online courses, which teach the theory and techniques of emotional intelligence management, based on Dr. Augusto Cury.

I am also the creator of the First Free Social Program – You are Irreplaceable – An Emotional Vaccine against Suicide.

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I have more than 80 books published, among them I coordinated the Peaceful Solution of Conflicts, with multiple renowned jurists as participants. Today, some of my books are already being adapted for movies and series.